Jewelry Care

We all love our jewelry and want to keep them close to us for a lifetime. Taking care of your precious treasure will help you achieve just that.

Pieces you'll wear on repet.

Minimalist silver chocked necklace, rigid bracelet and small silver tube earrings.
rigid bracelet and small silver tube earrings on a model.

Wearing Your Jewelry

Keep your jewelry away from extreme temperatures, humidity, or sunlight.

Remove your jewelry when you bathe, swim, or exercise to maintain its quality and shine.

Put your jewelry on last after applying your beauty products such as hair spray, lotions, and perfumes to keep your jewelry looking its best.

Avoid spraying perfumes and applying creams or other chemicals directly onto your jewelry.


Clean Your Precious Metals

To maintain Argentium Silver, wipe away any dust or finger marks with a clean, soft cloth or wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

On occasion, wipe your Argentium Silver with a clean silver polishing cloth (like the one that comes with your ODIS jewelry) to help bring out its inherent beautiful shine and luster.


Store Your Jewelry

Wipe your jewelry with a soft, clean cloth after wearing and before storing it to prevent the build-up of compounds that can cause damage.

Store your jewelry in a soft pouch or suitably box (like our ODIS metallic Box that has an anti-tarnish tab incorporated for extra protection).

If you live in a humid environment, place a small packet of desiccant crystals where you store your jewelry to keep the humidity level low. 

Prevent Tarnish

Argentium Silver has been formulated to be highly resistant to the effects of tarnishing agents (including pollutants, perspiration and UV lighting).

Before leaving our studio, all our Argentium Silver jewelry are carefully checked and will be given a final polish with an anti‑tarnish solution to help prevent tarnish.