For Our Planet & People


We are actively looking for ways to reduce waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions on everything we produce and use.

There is no greater luxury than sustainability.

Jewelry packaging: jewelry Metalic box, Kraft paper shipping box and branded paper tape.
Reduce, reuse, recycle & love

Our Sustainable Packaging

Metallic Jewelry Box: Our beautiful box can be reused over and over again before recycling. If you have a special place where you keep all your jewelry, please feel free to reuse your ODIS box as a chique storage place or use it to hide your favorite candies (don't worry, our metallic jewelry boxes are food safe:).

Recyclable Packaging: We made it easy for you to recycle. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from paper. You don't need to segregate anything; remove your treasure and recycle the rest in the paper bin.

Ethical alternative to fast fashion

100% Recycled Silver & Gold

Our jewelry is made from Argentium® Silver, a higher silver alloy quality than the traditional Sterling Silver. Argentium is sustainably produced from 100% recycled silver. 

For our gold vermeil option, we embrace sustainability by incorporating meticulously sourced recycled 18K Gold.

Using recycled precious metals has a significant impact on the environment. Recycled silver and gold use just 5% of the energy it would take to refine mined ones; it also eliminates the need for mining, mining waste, and groundwater pollution.


Responsible Manufacturing

Our jewelry is carefully handcrafted before it makes its way to you. We have chosen to produce our products in our UAE-based studio to control and minimize manufacturing waste. Keeping a small stock and focusing on made-to-order jewelry helps us reduce the waste generated in the process. All our raw materials are purchased from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

We also encourage everyone to practice responsible consumption. Taking care of your jewelry means you can purchase less and wear longer.